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Katrina: Bollywood`s only belly dancer

Katrina Kaif, the actress of the moment in Bollywood, is now the only belly dancer actress. The actress had gotten a tutor to prepare for a part in a film, and has learned very quickly to dance wonderfully. The film was a success, and surely all of Katrina’s fans loved her in “Sheila Ki Jawani”. After being amazed at the sight of her dancing performance, fans are wondering who taught Katrina to belly dance?

The answer is the expert in belly dancing moves Veronica D’Souza. She is the woman behind Katrina’s success in “Sheila Ki Jawani”. Veronica has trained most of the girls in Bllywood, and so Katrina went to her, because she wanted to be the only belly dancing actress in Bollywood. The one who made possible the meeting between the two was Farah Khan.

Speaking of Katrina, Veronica D’Souza could only compliment her, as the actress has proven dedication and passion in learning the moves. Veronica added that the actress also has the type of body


Shilpa Shetty undegoes prosthetic makeup for her bald look in ‘Desire’

Shilpa Shetty will be seen in an all new de-glam and bald avatar in her Indo-Chinese venture titled ‘Desire’. She plays a monk in the flick and has to undergo four hours of prosthetic makeup everyday in order to get that bald look.

shilpa bald

The movie has Shilpa Shetty and Chinese actor Xia Yu play the lead roles. Anupam Kher, Jayapradha, Vikram Gokhale, and Asif enact other important characters in the movie. Sankar Ehsan Loy and Viswamohan Bhat have composed the music. The movie has been shot in Kerala, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Andhra Pradesh in India and in various locales in Malayasia.

In the past, glamorous Antara Mali had also played a bald monk living in Sikkim in Amol Palekar’s film ‘And Once Again’, but she opted to shave off her tresses completely than going for prosthetic makeup.


Patching up the Khan’s is not Katrina’s responsibility!

Patching up the Khan’s is not Katrina’s responsibility!

It’s a known fact that Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan are inseparable and are like the best buddies in the industry. Well, Katrina and Shahrukh Khan are also good friends. Now the question is, can this beauty turn the foe Khans to friends???

Kats will be seen with Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan, in two separate films. Now that she would have to work closely with both the Khan’s, her fans are expecting a little too much from her. Well, let’s see what Kats has to say about it…

“They both are my co-stars for different films and at the end of the day we go to our respective houses. It (their enmity) does not have any impact on me. And I am glad that I am working with two senior…respected professionals in the industry. I think they can handle whatever their equation is between them. I am not common between the two,” Katrina said in an interview.

When the actress was asked if she would like to see the two patch up, she said, “It is hardly my place. I don’t think it is my responsibility.”

Sigh! We wonder who can help the two foes turn friends!!!


Salman whistles for Katrina!!!

Salman whistles for Katrina!!!

Katrina Kaif was unable to blow whistles for a sequence in her item song in “Bodyguard”, and it was our very own man with a golden heart, Salman Khan who came to her aid.

Katrina, is seen in the second half of the item song “Aaya re aaya bodyguard’. The actress was pretty uncomfortable blowing six whistles in the song. Leave six, she couldn’t even blow one:D.

The two continue to share a warm relationship despite parting from each other.

“Bodyguard”, which features Kareena Kapoor as the leading lady, releases Aug 31.


Imran Khan continues his fight!

Imran Khan continues his fight!

The passing of the State Government of India’s new law to increase the age limit for alcohol consumption to 25 stirred up a whirlwind of opposition from the youth. And one in particular was the industry’s very own Imran Khan, who had announced that he would file a PIL against the new law.

Incidentally, the law was passed a little before the release of Delhi Belly. However, Imran, who is busy with the promotions of his next film Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, has yet to act on his words.

It has been more than a month and a half and a honeymoon later, but the actor asserts that he has not forgotten to attend to the issue.

When contacted, Imran told, “There has been a lot of progress on that. I have been doing extensive research on the law. In fact, there are certain things I want to bring to notice. I would advice people to file an RTI about the law to find out some facts. I had filed an RTI and that is when I came across these facts.”


Mausam similar to Titanic???

Mausam similar to Titanic???

Shahid Kapoor’s fans can’t wait for the release of his film, Mausam which is directed by papa Pankaj Kapur. Shahid as Harry and Sonam Kapoor as Aayat, the duo share an awesome chemistry on screen.

The recent poster of the film, launched by the makers, has Shahid holding Sonam’s hand and the two are lost into each other. The poster is simply mesmerizing but after three to four glances at it, it looked like we have seen the same poster somewhere else, too.

Well, the poster of Mausam is so so so similar to the poster of Titanic. It had the same effect of that of the Mausam poster. Sonam Kapoor’s outfit and hairstyle has so much resemblance to that of Kate Winslet.


‘Aarakshan’ about controversial reservation policies (Preview)

After exploring the dark underbelly of the political world, filmmaker Prakash Jha returns with yet another realistic film based on the sensitive issue of caste-based reservations – “Aarakshan” – releasing Friday.

Aarakshan 200x200

Directed by Jha and co-produced by Prakash Jha Productions and Firoz A. Nadiadwala, the film is a socio-political drama based on one of the most controversial policies of caste-based reservations in government jobs and educational institutions.

The film stars Amitabh Bachchan, Saif Ali Khan, Manoj Bajpayee, Deepika Padukone and Prateik and was shot in 55 days in Bhopal.

Set in the backdrop of Bhopal, “Aarakshan” is about Prabhakar Anand (Amitabh), an idealistic principal of a college that is considered to be the state’s best educational institution.

Prabhakar has a loyal student Deepak Kumar (Saif), who can do anything for him. He’s in love with Prabhakar’s daughter Poorbi (Deepika) and has a best friend Sushant (Prateik).
Revolving around the controversial issue of Supreme Court’s order on reservation, the film is the story of the youngsters’ love, their friendship, their zest for life and of their dreams for the future.

After the court’s ruling in the film, the story takes a roller-coaster ride of high drama, conflict and rebellion which tests the youngsters’ love and friendship for one another and their loyalty towards Prabhakar.

Although the film deals with a sensitive issue, Jha doesn’t aim to provide a permanent solution for it. He admits that the film has a therapeutic value.

After using the tune of national song “Vande mataram” in a song in his political thriller “Raajneeti”, Jha has used the rhythm of Gujarati hymn “Vaishnav jan to” in “Aarakshan” to enhance its patriotic feel.

Even before its release, the film has found itself in the middle of controversies. While some believe that the film is anti-Dalit, others feel it might create unrest because of the issue it deals with.

Jha’s office and house were Saturday attacked by political activists of the Republican Party of India (RPI) who wanted to obstruct the release of his film.

The National Commission of Scheduled Castes (NCSC) sought to see “Aarakshan” even before the Censor Board watched it as they felt the film should not affect their sentiments.

Civic authorities in Bhopal had also bulldozed the sets of the film because it was erected on disputed land and upset the shooting schedule.

The demolished set that spread over an acre and a half of land included a bungalow that belonged to the character played by Amitabh in the film as well as parts of a stable where informal schools were set up.


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